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Admission to KY Kingdom during KY State Fair to be separate

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Fromstoring your vehicle to getting through the gates attending this year's 110thKentucky State Fair will come at a price.  However, Kentucky State FairBoard Marking and Communications Vice President Amanda Storment says, this yearespecially, it will all be worth it.

"No other state fair offersan amusement park," said Storment. "It's $10 full price for adults atthe gate and $6 for children and seniors, $8 for parking."

For the first time in five years,guests will be able to visit the state fair and Kentucky Kingdom. That'swelcomed news to college students April Howard and Mason Turlington who plan onattending while back in town on summer break.

"I like the concerts,"said Howard. "The concerts are fun."

The Louisville natives will findthat unlike years past, ride tickets used at the fair for carnival attractionswill not be accepted at Kentucky Kingdom. Instead, fairgoers headed to theamusement park will have one of two options: free entry if they are KentuckyKingdom season ticket holders; discounted entry if they are not.

"This year it's a separateticket," said Storment. "You'll pay admission into the Kentucky StateFair. You can go to Kentucky Kingdom for $9.95. They will give you a wristbandand you can ride all the rides at Kentucky Kingdom for $9.95 during theKentucky State Fair. If you're a season pass holder, then that season pass willwork during the Kentucky State Fair at Kentucky Kingdom. You will have to payadmission to the state fair."

The discounted rate, however,comes with discounted offerings.

"A lot of people come and they want to ride thosecarnival midway rides but in addition they really want to go to the kingdom,ride all those rides," began Storment. "Now, the kingdom water parkwill not  be open during the fair but at the same time they've got all therides up and running during the fair."

"I'd still take part inthat," said Turlington.

While that did not scare awaysome visitors, it did not sit well with everyone Thursday.

"What about the people whohave season passes," questioned New Albany resident Linda Mattox. "Wecan't use it?"

Mattox, a single mother, said herfamily invested in season passes hoping to save money.

"We can come like ten timesin a month instead of once a year," said Devon Wade, Mattox's 13-year-oldson.

Mattox said not being able toaccess Hurricane Bay during the fair is a let down to her family.

"It really stinks,"said Mattox. "They're scared of heights. They just want to go be in thewater."

Kentucky Kingdom officials didnot wish to speak on camera Thursday but stated discounted ticket sales willlikely begin in August. Meanwhile state fair board members said discountedpresale fair tickets would go on sale at Kentucky and southern Indiana Kroger'sstores starting July 6.

"We think it's going to bejust a great year for the Kentucky State Fair and Kentucky Kingdomtogether," said Storment.

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