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Fireworks laws vary throughout region

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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) -  The manager at TNT Fireworks in Jeffersonville showed us his best sellers. The bigger the boom, the better.

"These canisters are awesome. They take off like a cannon. Like you literally feel it in your chest," he said.

But before you buy, what's fair game in Indiana may not be just a few miles away. Fireworks rules across Indiana follow state laws. Meanwhile in Kentucky, each municipality can set it's own fireworks rules. Finding those out may not be so easy. Louisville's ordinance is listed on the city's website. It's 24 pages long, parts of it scratched out. Arson investigator Henry Ott broke it down.

"Firecrackers, bottle rockets, roman candles, all of those are illegal in Jefferson County," he said.

Basically anything that flies through the air or explodes is illegal throughout the county.
To make it even more confusing, we found a sign in Louisville city limits claiming all their fireworks are now legal. It just doesn't spell out where.

"People right outside Jefferson County will sell them to you and tell you they are legal when in fact, they are not," Ott said.

Figuring out the law is left only up to you.

"People ask me things like that, but I'm not a legal expert, so I can't give any kind of advice," the manager at TNT explained.

Illegal fireworks caused almost a quarter million dollars in damages last year in Jefferson County.  If something catches fire, it's considered arson.

"We're going to have to prosecute and that's what we'll do," Ott said.

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