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Some French Quarter workers worry about impact of overnight shooting

New Orleans Police search for two men they say are responsible for opening fire on Bourbon Street early Sunday morning. Nine people were injured in the shooting, two critically.

For the people who work on Bourbon Street, Sunday morning's shooting hits incredibly close to home. Some fear the consequences it'll have on tourists, and business.

Witnesses to the early morning gunfire, describe a chaotic scene. "When I heard the gunshots, I ducked and I ran around the corner and I just started running," said New Orleanian Nathaniel Scales.

Chris Houser works security at the Krazy Korner nightclub, located just feet from where the gun shots rang out. Houser says, "I'd be standing right here where it happened and I could've caught a stray bullet if I was here, or any of the other guys that work here."

Houser says he's thankful he wasn't working a night shift Saturday. "My wife, she'd die if something happened to me, it's terrible," said Houser.

He also worries about how this incident will impact business. So too do others who work on Bourbon.

Cigar shop employee Biplov Karkee says, "My friends were here last night, they said they're never coming to Bourbon anymore."

Police say two young men opened fire after getting into an argument. Innocent bystanders were hit by bullets.

Most tourists we spoke to say the crime is a disturbing one. "I think it's very shocking to hear something like that. Come down here in a nice area to have a good time and hear somebody gets shot, it's terrible," said Jack Hill of St. Louis, Missouri.

But the shooting won't necessarily keep Hill and others, from visiting again. "I don't think I'd think twice about coming back because I've been here quite a few times and this is the first time I've ever heard of this," said Hill.

Nathaniel Scales says he's hates when the city makes national news, for all the wrong reasons. "This is on CNN news, it's on news in Chicago. I've got calls from friends in Chicago, Atlanta, so it sends a bad signal to people that want to come visit our city because I think we have a lot to offer people here," Scales explained.

But most importantly, Scales hates that so many people were injured in a senseless act of violence and he's glad he wasn't one of them. Scales says, "I'm just so thankful, I was just thanking God this morning in church, because I said that could've very well been me."

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