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New website points out Indiana meth locations

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CLARK COUNTY, IN (WAVE) – A new website is making it easier for Hoosiers to know where meth activity is going on in their neighborhoods. Indiana State Police just launched a new website that maps out all the locations where authorities have responded to methamphetamine production in Indiana.

The website is To view the map, which shows thousands of addresses of incidents dating back to 2007, residents can go to the site and click then click on Clan Lab Addresses.

"As of last year, we were number one in the country for the number of meth labs that were seized in the state," said Indiana State Police First Sgt. Niki Crawford. "It's a pretty big issue here and it has been for a while."

Crawford says legislators, real estate professionals and law enforcement worked closely to design the website. The website lists locations by county and by a map and tells users if the location was a house, outbuilding, vehicle or hotel/motel.

ISP hopes the public will use the website, especially homebuyers, to help them make more informed purchases. The concept is similar to the sex offender registry.

"In my career, which spans about 35 years, I see more and more disclosures happening," said Schuler Bauer Realtor D.J. Hines.

Hines says disclosure is a good thing for both buyers and sellers, avoiding major lawsuits. He says as far as the value of home, it may impact the price if it's made the list. He also added buyers may be reluctant to purchase a home if they knew meth was in the equation. 

"This one in particular because of the environmental residue and hazards if meth is being cooked in a house, I think it's very beneficial and good we do that disclosure," said Hines.

Starting July, 1, realtors will also be required to inform clients if a home has been a meth site.

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