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NOPD manpower concerns after Bourbon Street shooting

The manager of Bourbon Heat in the 700 block of Bourbon St. describes the shooting as chaos that erupted at 2:45 Sunday morning.

"We saw a lady collapse just inside the door. There was another victim at the corner and another lady sprawled out in the street," says Huey Farrell.

In all, ten people were shot. One of them is currently in critical condition.

"This is a terrible crime. This is two young men, both armed with firearms who chose to settle a dispute without a moments care for anyone else," says Chief Ronal Serpas.

The NOPD immediately started gathering surveillance footage and witness accounts of what happened to catch those responsible.

Still, the shooting left a lot of people in shock.

"To have multiple shots ring out right here in the heart of the city, it's disturbing and alarming," says Erik Stapper.

Stapper believes more police presence in the French Quarter would make a difference.

"Especially late at night, more and more people are having problems. People are getting jumped. People are getting robbed. It's the things you don't hear about on the news and this because of a lack of police presence," says Stapper.

Chief Ronal Serpas says 25 officers were working in the district at the time of the shooting.

"Well, on Bourbon Street alone, there were 9 to 10 officers either walking or riding horses which is a stable package," says Chief Serpas.

He says an additional nine officers were nearby patrolling in cars.

Still, people who work and visit the French Quarter believe more is needed.

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