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French Quarter residents still feel safe but worry about shooting aftermath


French Quarter residents say despite Sunday morning's shooting on Bourbon Street, they still feel safe in the quarter. But some business owners feel like they're doing damage control, trying to put on a brave front despite the shooting, which is making international headlines.

"We just have to remember this happens in every city and just continue pressing forward," said Jade Peterson, who manages California Drawstrings on Royal Street.

Although Peterson believes the shooting on Bourbon Sunday morning was random, he admits that he and others worry about how it looks to people outside New Orleans.

"Of course as the manager of this store, as I've talked with the owner, we are nervous about that," he said.

The shooting has been the talk of the neighborhood amongst shop owners and residents.

"It is definitely sad to see," said Ally Burguieres, owner of Gallery Burguieres.

"It's disappointing because there should be police especially on those streets because they have a lot of alcohol - Bourbon, Royal because those are the most busy places," said Amanda Sierra, owner of Clay Originals.

"Most agree, they want more boots on the ground here. You just never see cops so it'd be nice to see a few more that'd be something different," said shop employee Callie Prechter.

NOPD Chief Ronal Serpas says 25 officers were patrolling the entire Eighth District at the time of the shooting.

"I have more people invited over to house parties than that. That doesn't make any sense," said Prechter.

"If that number is accurate, there was a problem. There was a problem," said City councilwoman Nadine Ramsey.

Ramsey believes something must change saying.

"I'll be working with Congressman Richmond and Scalise to see if we have any opportunities for federal funding for other officers to come in," she added.

Stressing the need for more law enforcement, Ramsey points to other recent crimes in the Quarter. Just two weeks ago, a woman says she met a man on Bourbon Street who bought her a drink. Then while on Decatur, the man allegedly robbed and raped her.

Earlier this month, police searched for the person responsible for robbing several people at gunpoint. And just before Mardi Gras, four people were injured in a shooting on Bourbon Street.

"This is a very serious matter and this is a very personal matter because we're not talking statistics, we're talking individual lives," said Ramsey.

The councilwoman says she'll continue to put pressure on Chief Serpas. It's something business owners and residents support, as they try to protect the image of their beloved French Quarter.

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