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Phoenix PD set to launch new records management system


The Phoenix Police Department is in the process of upgrading its records management system.

Officials said the two-year, $30 million project will benefit the entire city and streamline the record-sharing process.

"We have made the largest technology change in the history of the Phoenix Police Department," Phoenix police Sgt. Trent Crump said.

At the end of July, the department will ditch its nearly 30-year-old records management system for a $7 million Persuit RMS and Field Based Reporting system by Intergraph.

"We have detectives and employees that currently hand carry case files to the city prosecutors office, to the county attorney's office, to the department of motor vehicles for admin, per se," Crump said.

Once the new system goes live, he said the department will be able to interface - or share data electronically - with more government agencies.

"We have changed out every computer in the police department and put new computers into the police cars, so we can best support this new system," said Crump.

In fact, he said the department has spent about $20 million since 2012 on a complete infrastructure upgrade with failsafe servers to prevent problems other law enforcement agencies - including the Dallas Police Department - have had with Intergraph RMS software, including lost records. 

"We're currently putting everybody though training, trying to get that training in as close as we can to a rollout date, so we have fewer errors," Crump explained.

A transition team, which includes a member of the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, has been in place for two years and will oversee the implementation of the new system.

"One of the things that we do have in the contract is that we simply will not roll this product out until we know it works," said Jerry Gannon, a member of PLEA and the RMS transition team. "So, we're just going to keep banging away at it until it's done and we're getting really close."

David McDonald, vice president of Intergraph's public safety division, said he would like to see all of its customers use the Phoenix Police Department as a model for implementing Intergraph's software.

He said, because of the department's extensive testing prior to the launch - they don't expect any serious problems.

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