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Bourbon St. shooting victim keeps positive attitude

Amy Matthews, a 21-year-old Australian native, had been in New Orleans for just three days when she and her friend were walking down Bourbon St. around 2:45 a.m. Sunday.

"We were walking up the street and we heard gunshots. Then we heard people start screaming and running and we thought we better start running. We started running and it wasn't until we stopped that I realized my face hurt," says Matthews.

Matthews says she could feel the extreme heat of a bullet that had penetrated her right cheek and existed through her top lip.

"I froze up. The adrenaline was rushing through me pretty hard. It felt really quite hot. When I stopped and we got to a safe place, my mouth filled with my blood and my teeth and I knew something had happened," says Matthews.

Gunnery Sgt. William McDaniel was working as a bouncer at a nearby club. The U.S. Marine rushed to the street and the first person he saw was Matthews.

"She had blood all over her. I just responded and ran downstairs. I kind of took her in my arms," says Gunnery Sgt. McDaniel.

As he jumped in to help, another man, a Navy Corpsman, only known as Josh rushed to Matthews' aid as well.

"They just checked me for entry and exit wounds. They did all their medical training I suppose to check where the bleeding was coming from. They were making sure I wasn't hurt anywhere else and then Josh took his shirt off to put in my mouth to try and stop the bleeding," says Matthews.

Matthews says for nearly a half an hour the two military men stayed by her side. Today she calls them her New Orleans angels.

Out of the hospital, she knows her recovery will be long and painful.

Even after everything she's been through, Matthews isn't bitter.

"The nurses at the hospital were fantastic. People on the street have been fantastic. It's just amazing. Humanity is good," says Matthews.

She will be heading back home to Australia soon.

In the meantime, only one shooting victim remains in the hospital. That patient is in stable condition.

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