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Firework vendors stay busy ahead of Fourth of July holiday

Erin Korbylo Erin Korbylo
Phon Phoutaransy Phon Phoutaransy
John Cundiff John Cundiff
Mick Spalding Mick Spalding
 BROOKS, KY (WAVE) - Independence Eve was time to plunder at America’s Thunder Fireworks off of Interstate 65 in Bullitt County.

“People plan this all year long,” said co-owner Erin Korbylo. “It captures what it is to be summer. And what it is to be American.”

Independence Day 2014 may redefine what it means to sell or shoot-off fireworks. Higher gas prices make travel more expensive. July 4 falling on a Friday turns our country’s birthday into a three-day holiday with food and family.

“And that means more boom,” Korbylo said.

Rineyville's Phon Phoutaransy fun means whatever his cart can hold.
“They just tell me what to buy, and I buy 'em,” he said. “We'll find out tomorrow night, though.”

Namely, whether he got the bang for his bucks. Blowing up stuff has its own rules.

“People like to one-up their neighbors,” Korbylo explained.

“Some of our neighbors little crazy,” said John Cundiff, who journeyed from Bardstown. “I don't know how they make their mortgage payment, sometimes.”

The Cundiff crew said they were shopping for booms, without going bust.

“To me, you can't go wrong with that one, for two bucks,” Cundiff said, referencing a mortar that promised to shoot balls of flame. “If you get some of the cheaper stuff-you can get a lot going on for $100.”

America’s Thunder Fireworks posts its entire inventory online, along with video of each firework in action; an e-version of “try before you buy.”

People will sit at home they'll watch all the videos, they'll rate ‘em and figure ‘em out,” Korbylo said. “They'll come in with a list and say this is what I want.”

Buyers are prepared when they trek to the Powder Keg in Jeffersonville, Indiana too. Thursday, the aisles were as packed as supermarket's before a storm.

“Down in Central Kentucky, we've gotta send out the forces to go get the big stuff,” said Mick Spalding, a resident of Calvary, in Marion County. His trip to Indiana took 90 minutes, one-way. He spent $280.

“One time of year, it's worth it,” he said.

Fireworks stands pop up like dandelions before Independence Day and vanish soon after. But 2014 may redefine Black Friday for the year-round stores.

“I remember last year,” Korbylo said. “I think I got to take a bathroom break, like once. And I was here for about 16 hours.”

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