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Army veteran travels cross country to help other veterans in need

Army veteran travels cross country to help other veterans in need

Lisa Groves Lisa Groves
Groves stands next to her Jeep. Groves stands next to her Jeep.
LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A woman is on a cross country mission to help as many veterans as she can. For several days she has been here in Louisville. Lisa Groves is an Army veteran herself. She served for eight years, but continues to serve her country to this day.

"On this mission I decided to let veterans sign my car inside and out," said Groves.

Groves' Jeep is a moving billboard that spreads her message everywhere she goes.

"If I can't help a veteran, my whole day is ruined," said Groves.

Since June 2013 Groves has been on the road driving all across the country. She even made it to Alaska, more than 4,000 miles from her home in West Virginia.

"I was really excited about Alaska," said Groves. "I cried three hours when I got to the border."

Using a lot of money out of her own pocket.

"Sometimes they need razors," said Groves. "I even have glasses in here. I gave a lady a pair of glasses yesterday."

Groves will pick up food and personal items and reach out to homeless veterans in different cities.

"My car was packed while I was in Lexington, I couldn't see out of the back windows," said Groves. "I gave totes away. I just gave everything away."

She has even slept in her own car.

"So a lot of times I do without a lot, but I don't mind doing without a lot," said Groves. "There are a lot of veterans out here that do without."

Groves life hasn't always been easy. She says she was victim of sexual assault in the Army and at times was suicidal. But this veterans' advocate says she now leans on her faith to help others in need. She has meant hundreds of people on her journey and hopes to meet hundreds more.

"Everyday I live for God first and I live to help veterans," said Groves.

Groves spent most of her day along West Broadway on Thursday reaching to veterans and anyone she felt needed food or personal items. She plans to be in Louisville until Tuesday and then she is off to Bowling Green.

To follow Groves' mission click here.

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