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Judge alerts warden about frivolous filings

Karen Sypher Karen Sypher
 LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) - A federal judge has alerted a Pennsylvania warden that an inmate at his facility known for filing frequent, frivolous lawsuits may be at it again.

U.S. District Judge John G. Heyburn in Louisville, Kentucky, alerted the warden at SCI Benner Township in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, that 37-year-old Jonathan Lee Riches may have used two false names to file an appeal on behalf of 54-year-old Karen Sypher without her consent.

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Sypher is a federal inmate from Kentucky serving a seven-year sentence after being convicted of trying to extort University of Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino.

Riches has filed thousands of lawsuits and motions in cases around the country targeting the famous, the infamous and even the long-dead.

Heyburn wrote the warden at the state prison may want to investigate Riches' recent activities.

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