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Floyd County Fair goes tobacco free

An animal being shown at the Floyd County 4-H Fair. (Source: WAVE 3 News) An animal being shown at the Floyd County 4-H Fair. (Source: WAVE 3 News)
NEW ALBANY, IN (WAVE) - Sizzling foods on the fryer and thrill rides whizzing through the air: summer and county fairs seem to just go together. Floyd County's 4-H fair is happening this week, but with as many things as you'll find there, there's one noticeable thing missing.

"We're still kind of struggling with the idea that 4-H is not just livestock," said Floyd 4-H Youth Development Educator and County Extension Director Melissa Merida.

At the Floyd County Fair, you'll find there's a lot to see: hundreds of projects and that's just on the inside. Outside, there's food and fun, llamas and alpacas, goats, pigs and just about every kind of poultry you can think of, but what you won't find is any kind of tobacco. Late last month, the Floyd County 4-H Corporation Board adopted a policy that bans tobacco use of any kind on the fairgrounds.

"It really supports the 4-H mission and our guidelines for the kids," Merida explained.  "4-H stands for heads, heart, hands and health and we believe in promoting healthy living.  That's a lifelong choice and it needs to start when they're young."

Hannah Bailey and Isabella Aven who proudly showed off their llamas Sonrisa and Potter also are proud of the board for the move.

"I appreciate it a lot because I personally can't breathe secondhand smoke because of my asthma so I like it to not be in the barns and plus it's not good for our animals to breathe," Bailey said.

Aven said Potter, "would probably start wheezing or something. I don't know. He's never been around smoke like that."

Merida said it just continues the family theme of the fun the fair provides. "It's a place not only for our 4-H families to enjoy but the whole community."

The Floyd County 4-H Fair continues through Saturday and admission is free although you do have to pay for the midway rides. 

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