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Louisville jailer charged in Jeffersonville court

By Gary Popp, News and Tribune

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (News and Tribune) — A Louisville Metro Corrections officer has been charged in Jeffersonville City Court, after driving his vehicle through the Jeffersonville Overlook in May.

Kyle Ferguson, 28, Louisville, has been charged with class A misdemeanors criminal recklessness and reckless driving and class B misdemeanor operation of a vehicle while intoxicated endangering a person.

If found guilty and given maximum punishment, Ferguson could be sentenced to three years in prison and ordered to pay $11,000 in fines.

The charges have been issued by the Office of the Clark County Prosecutor, and the case is expected to be heard by Jeffersonville City Court Judge Ken Pierce.

Court staff said Thursday that while charges have been brought against Ferguson, Pierce has yet to be presented the case and, therefore, has not, at this time, issued an arrest warrant.

The court employees also said Ferguson’s upcoming court hearing will not be set until he is taken into custody.

Ferguson is suspected of driving drunk along Spring Street about 4 a.m. May 17, moments before crashing his vehicle.

Jeffersonville police were first notified of Ferguson’s alleged impaired driving near Thorntons gas station on East 10th Street.

As officers responded, dispatch alerted them that a male subject, later identified as Ferguson, had left the area in a blue Jeep.

An officer en route to Thorntons saw Ferguson driving erratically along Spring Street, according to police reports.

“I observed the Jeep swerving repeatedly across the center line and was traveling at very excessive speeds,” the officer reported. “The Jeep ran up onto the curb at least two times and overcorrected the wheel, swerving into my lane of travel.”

The officer also reported having to execute a maneuver to avoid a head-on collision, as Ferguson traveled “possibly 70 mph ... toward the intersection of East Market Street.”

Ferguson drove the Jeep through the Riverside Drive intersection and into the Jeffersonville Overlook, sending the vehicle airborne and onto an embankment near the Ohio River.

Ferguson was taken to University of Louisville Hospital for injuries he sustained during the incident that included a head injury, broken femur and other substantial injuries, according to the Jeffersonville Police Department report of the incident.

Police reported he showed signs of intoxication, including the smell of alcoholic beverages on his breath and glossy, bloodshot eyes.

While at U of L Hospital, blood was taken to determine Ferguson’s intoxication level.

Clark County Chief Deputy Prosecutor Jeremy Mull recently said that those results have not been returned for review, but if they eventually show that an illegal level of alcohol was in Ferguson’s system at the time of the incident, he expects to file additional charges related to impaired driving.


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