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KY Housing Corporation can terminate Section 8 without criminal conviction

BULLITT COUNTY, KY (WAVE) - A Bullitt County family who was evicted from their Section 8 home two days after one of the family members was accused of a crime is now living in the back of a warehouse.

Michael Dodson said he and his family were kicked off their property for simply defending themselves on his their own property.

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The Kentucky Housing Corporation terminated his Section 8 assistance, putting his family out on the street, after he was charged with assault. Now, the KHC is responding to requests for more information made by WAVE 3 News.

The KHC said they don't have to wait for a conviction. It's their policy to terminate participants who have a "drug or violent criminal related charge."

In the most recent fiscal year, KHC says it terminated 50 households receiving vouchers for non-compliance, 23 of those were for criminal related charges.

There are about 4,500 homes across the state receiving vouchers in any given month.

Dodson refuted the assault charge against him and is asking for a trial after numerous attempts to get him to plead guilty to lesser charges.

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