Bad tattoo? Not alone. Tattoo removal on the rise.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Now that tattoos are main stream, tattoo removal is exploding too. According to People Magazine, stars Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, and Melanie Griffith have all had tattoos removed.

And you might be amazed at just how many people are putting themselves through the uncomfortable process of erasing something that's designed to stay on your body for the rest of your life.

At Extreme Ink and Piercing in Clarksville permanent isn't forever.

"Trust me I've removed tattoo's that I've done," said Jason "Monster" Maniloff.

Maniloff has seen it all, from the amateurish to the nightmarish. He once removed a woman's neck tattoo of her ex-boyfriend even though they were together just a couple months.

"As a culture, as a people, we make some really horrible decisions," he said.

At Extreme Ink customers often want tattoo's removed, just so they can put new ones in their place. But whether it's a new design, or never again, erasing bad tattoo decisions comes at a price. To your body and your wallet.

Here's how it works. Lasers are used to break up a tattoo's colors into tiny particles that can be flushed out by the body. And if this looks like it hurts, that's because it does. Maniloff uses a chiller machine to numb the skin.

In Louisville, Corbett Plastic Surgery uses local anesthesia. But even that doesn't always do the job.

But for people like Jeff, a 48 year old car salesman getting a wizard tattoo removed from his chest, there's plenty of motivation.

"Yeah I regret the tattoo," he said.

"Our numbers have increased exponentially in the last several years," said Dr. Lee Corbett, who's been doing tattoo removal since 1999.

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