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71-year-old zip-tied, held at gunpoint during home invasion

The victim used a knife by her bed to free herself and run to get help. (Source: WAVE 3 News) The victim used a knife by her bed to free herself and run to get help. (Source: WAVE 3 News)
Michael Decker (Source: LMDC) Michael Decker (Source: LMDC)
Nathon Kelso (Source: LMDC) Nathon Kelso (Source: LMDC)
 LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Police say three men broke into a 71-year-old woman's home, held her against her will, put a gun to her head and took her jewelry and money. One of the men also got thirsty during the home invasion and left a valuable piece of evidence behind which helped police find him.

WAVE 3 News spoke with the victim but, is concealing her name and face for her safety.

"They kicked the door and then break it," said the victim.  "Now, I feel very scared and very upset."

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The break in happened July 5 at home on Southside Drive. The victim said she was home alone when she heard her someone breaking in.

"I scream, I scream very loud," said the victim. "They run upstairs."

The woman said the men put a gun to her head, zip tied her hands and ankles. The bruise is still visible on her wrist. The woman said the men were in her home for two hours. They eventually took off with several items, including money and jewelry. 

With her hands and ankles tied while she sat on her bed. She waited to make sure they were gone.

"I get up, get up and sit in the chair," said the woman.

Every night, she said she has an apple before she goes to bed and uses a knife in her dresser to slice it. Well, the knife came in handy that night.

"And I take the knife and cut that thing off," said the woman. "So, I can walk and go down."

She ran across the street to a neighbor who called police. The woman said she didn't have her glasses on so, didn't really know what the robbers looked like. But, one left behind some evidence. Police say he took a bottle of water from her refrigerator and then left it behind. 

A fingerprint on that bottle pointed to Michael Decker, 23. Decker was arrested on Friday and police said he admitted to the crime. He also told police Nathon Kelso, 23, and another man, Rakeem Bentley, 22, were his accomplices.

Kelso was arrested on Saturday and Bentley is still at large.

"I feel so happy so they don't do this to a lot of people no more," said the woman.

As the victim's broken door sits outside her home, she said she came from Vietnam 25 years ago for a better life and has never had any problems. Now, she fears for her safety.

Police are actively looking for Bentley. The victim said she believes she was targeted because her family has a nail salon business and the suspects may have thought that she had a lot of cash at home.

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