Sad fact: Louisville ranks among America's unhappiest cities

Sad fact: Louisville ranks among America's unhappiest cities

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - How happy are Louisvillians? According to research by the University of British Columbia and Harvard, the answer is, "not very."

The researchers ranked the Derby City as the third unhappiest city in America, based on information gleaned from federal data and a survey about the respondents' satisfaction with their lives. They found that many people willingly endure unhappiness in exchange for higher pay or a lower cost of living.

New York ranked as the nation's unhappiest city, followed by Pittsburgh. Milwaukee ranked right behind Louisville to snag fourth place.

Click here for a slideshow that reveals the top 10 unhappiest cities in America.

The researchers also ranked the happiest metropolitan areas in America, most of which are in the south:

  1. Richmond-Petersburg, VA
  2. Norfolk-Virginia Beach-Newport News, VA
  3. Washington, DC
  4. Raleigh-Durham, NC
  5. Atlanta, GA
  6. Houston, TX
  7. Jacksonville, FL
  8. Nashville, TN
  9. West Palm Beach-Boca Raton, FL
  10. Middlesex-Somerset-Hunterdon, NJ

Louisville has the Kentucky Derby, the Kentucky Derby Festival, the University of Louisville Cardinals, a thriving arts community, great restaurants, bourbon, and is home to one of the best state fairs in the country and Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence. What's to be unhappy about?

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