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Homearama showcases design, functionality

Sarah and Eric Douglas Sarah and Eric Douglas
Perry Lyons Perry Lyons
Tara Brinkmoeller Tara Brinkmoeller

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - If Homearama truly gives a snapshot of Kentuckiana’s housing market, this year’s says that scaled back will sell, as long as you don’t sacrifice the sizzle.

[SLIDESHOW: A look inside the 2014 Homearama houses]

Sarah and Eric Douglas, homeowners who recently upgraded, said they were looking at new homes for two reasons: their 2-year-old twins. “All the little-kid stuff is what impresses me right now,” Sarah said.

But the big kid stuff is still there, too - master baths the size of bedrooms, master suites tricked out with tray ceilings.

The real change, builder Perry Lyons says, is that people are focusing on functionality. “As they're coming through this year, they're looking at how can I live in this home or how can you build me a home that I can live in?” Lyons sold one of his houses before Homearama began and the other a few days ago.

Homearama Spokeswoman Tara Brinkmoeller says Louisville’s housing market is still off, but sentiment is improving. “People are feeling very positive, and people in the building industry are very positive,” she said.

Homearama wraps up Sunday at 6 p.m.

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