Response from Oldham Co. Environmental Authority

Response from Oldham Co. Environmental Authority

Email to WAVE 3 News Investigative Reporter John Boel


Thanks for stopping by the office. Oldham County Environmental Authority takes environmental compliance seriously and has taken actions over the last several years to address and improve environmental compliance and operations of our facilities.

Some of these steps include:

  • Funded $6 million in capital improvements for improving infrastructure
  • Completed and received approval for Regional Facilities Plan and we are engaged in building a new plant.
  • In last 24 months, decommissioned five treatment plants.
  • Identified and planned for future infrastructure improvement by mapping and inspecting the system.

We’ve completed the following complex projects over the last several years:

  • Ash Avenue influent and infiltration reduction project. This helps reduce infiltration of rain water into the collections system, which can overwhelm the collections and wastewater treatment plants resulting in overflows.

  • 1793 Lift Station Improvement Project. Completed repairs and upgrade of lift station to ensure more efficient collections system operation.
  • Decommissioned and took offline Buckner, Covered Bridge, Green Valley and Willow Creek package wastewater treatment plants. This is part of our ongoing plan to consolidate and regionalize operations to ensure effective treatment and environmental compliance.

In respect to your specific questions:

  • Comment on May 21 cell phone footage. Due to the lapse in time from when you took the footage until when you contacted us (about 9 weeks), we are unable to fully investigate the matter. We can tell you that our facilities experienced no overflows or compliance issues at that time. Once you contacted us on July 23, we did walk the stream where you filmed, but didn’t find anything. So, we are unable to speak to the content of the video, confirm what is pictured or identify where it came from. As we ask all service area residents, if you’re concerned about something you see in a stream or in the environment, please call us immediately so we can send service personnel to investigate.
  • Comment on DOW compliance record. We reviewed the 2013-2014 compliance records you provided to us. For context, it’s important to note:

Buckner WWTP (offline)

Covered Bridge WWTP (offline)

Ash Ave WWTP (underway, new plant 2016)

Orchard Grass Subd (underway, new plant 2016)

Willow Creek Subd (underway, new plant 2016)

Country Village WWTP (planned)

Lockwood Estates WWTP (planned)

  • The remaining four violations were due to equipment malfunctions, which have since been repaired.

We appreciate your focus on the environmental well-being of the region. Oldham County Environmental Authority continues to be committed to effective wastewater treatment processes and infrastructure, which is reflected by our actions, investment and focus over the last several years.

Karole Colangelo

Director, Communications

Municipal & Commercial Business