Germantown 12 U Softball Prepare for National Tournament

Germantown 12 U Softball Prepare for National Tournament

Louisville, KY (WAVE) They're a group of 12 year olds who have won their share of titles already. "Last year's 11 year olds with some of the 12 year olds that's with us as well, they won the Kentucky State Babe Ruth Title," said Germantown head coach, Gregory Metzger. The girls of Germantown 12-U softball team have actually been playing together since they were five years old, and are heading to Alachua, Florida in August with the hopes of bringing home the Babe Ruth national title.

The fact that this team has been able to stay together for over seven years is very unique, and Metzger feels it is one of the keys to this team's success. "They really love playing together. It's a good sisterhood that they've got going on here," said Metzger. The coach's daughter, Maggie, says the team is a solid bunch of friends that normally see eye-to-eye. "We just work together really well. We're really good friends, and we never usually fight," said the younger Metzger. "It will be very special to me because we've won a lot of games together," said pitcher, Jaelyn Sanders.

For a team that's practicing to win a national championship, they are incredibly laid back. In fact, they've already come up with the way they're going to celebrate should they win the national title. They have come up with a happy dance. Kind of a spin off of the handshake Maggie Metzger and Lillie Bennett came up with during a rain delay. "We just got really bored, so we were like let's make a handshake, so we did," said Bennett.

Happy dance and handshakes aside. this team can play, and are confident they can bring a title home to Germantown.

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