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Teen home alone during armed break-in


A teen was home alone on Friday when police say a pair of armed suspects broke into her home. But her quick thinking helped put the two intruders in jail.

Jayla Tolson's nightmare began with the ring of a doorbell.

"I didn't want to be seen, because the door is glass," Tolson said. "So I peek around the wall upstairs to see who is at the front door. I saw a black male with a white shirt."

She quickly called her father, Jerod Tolson, then 911. They were not expecting any visitors.

The 15-year-old went back to her room to keep an eye out from the window. While on the phone with the 911 dispatcher, Jayla Tolson said she suddenly heard noises in the house.

"They used a crowbar to break the lock," she said.

Police said 21-year-old Angelo Gleaves and a 17-year-old broke into the Tolsons' Hermitage home.

The teen said she hid under a mattress in hopes she would not be seen.

"The door opened again," Jayla Tolson said. "I could hear two voices and feet. They both walked in. One came towards the back of the room, patted the mattress. I think it was really level against the bed. I guess they saw my feet."

Jayla Tolson said the two suspects took off running. Her father said they left bags with the family's electronics outside and a gun inside.

"Had she come to the door, you don't know what that guy is thinking," Jerod Tolson said. "If it would have been a forcible entry, had he known someone was home. So you can only pray for the best and hope the worst stays as far away as it can."

"When the dispatcher told me I was safe to go downstairs to the cops, I went out front," Jayla Tolson said. "When I saw the cops and my dad pull up, I just felt like such a relief. It was a weight off my back knowing I was safe now."

Both suspects were arrested. Police said Gleaves jumped into the Cumberland River and had to be rescued by officers. A K9 team found the 17-year-old near the river's edge. Police believe he may have been involved in other break-ins.

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