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Sisters reunited after 33 years by Facebook message


For 33 years, two sisters completely lost contact, always wondering when they'd finally see each other again. Now, that time has finally come with a reunion sparked by a chance Facebook message.

"I put on Facebook that my family's growing," laughed Page Turner of Antioch. "Everybody was asking if I was getting married or pregnant. I said, 'No, I just gained a new sister and three, four, five nieces.' We haven't seen each other since I was 8, and she was 13."

Turner and her sister, Sonji Newman, have the same father. As children, both lived with their mothers, only seeing each other for two summers of camping and roller skating. When their father passed away 33 years ago, the sisters lost complete contact with each other. Turner was left only with one picture to remember Newman.

"When he passed away, we didn't have any way to stay in communication," said Newman.

One day, Newman got on Facebook determined to find the sister she always knew she'd see again.

"I got a message in my Inbox," said Turner. "She was like, 'Do you have a father named Eugene Turner?' I was like, 'Sonji, how are you? Of course you're my sister!' "

Through that Facebook message, two sisters who said they never stopped thinking about each other finally locked in an embrace for the first time in 33 years Thursday.

The search isn't over yet.

Turner and Newman's father had a son they've never met. All they have of their big brother is one picture, a name, Sherman Ray and the information that he once lived in Texas.

"We just have to put a few more pieces together to find him," said Newman. "What's going to be will be. If it's going to be, it will be. That's what I believe in. Sometimes things happen right on time for a purpose."

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