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Dark skies light up social media during PGA final round

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Many spend their Sunday nights just before 9 p.m. getting ready for their favorite cable shows.

Golf's top star, Rory McIlroy, was coming up the 18th fairway under dark skies at Louisville's Valhalla Golf Club.

The 25-year-old Irishman found the sand but minutes later closed out a -3 (68) final round to win the PGA Championship, his second major win in a row and fourth overall.

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The wacky finish prompted a deluge of tweets critical of the PGA's decision not to pair up twosomes following a rain delay earlier in the day. Others on Twitter proclaimed McIlroy golf's future, and still others heaped praised on young riser Rickie Fowler and popular veteran Phil Mickelson, whose chip on 18 came within inches of blowing up the Internet. Here's a sample:

+ @alisha_puckett: "I don't envy the PGA Tour's PR folks ... there are gonna be some strong opinions on this 18th-hole foursome."

+ @KennyHamilton: "Everyone should go get there cars and pull them close to the 18th green and turn there bright headlights on!"

+ @freelancehack: "Rory McIlroy coming down the stretch was alot like Alysheba in the 88 Breeders Cup classic. They both won in the dark."

+ @cjacobsen23: "Phil went for it on every hole. He's has nothing to be ashamed of. That was fun to watch."

+ @sheriann_: "Also, hard not to feel for @RickieFowlerPGA. Great play all year and in the majors and a classy guy on top of that. Onwards and upwards!"

+ @eric_stoyanov: "That's an impressive run by Rory...amazed he could even see the hole for that last putt."

+ @garyplayer: "Lights out. Congratulations @McIlroyRory on your fourth major @PGAChampionship. Great back nine. True grit. Respect. My very best. GP"

+ @Joey_Powerll: "All he had to do was not get married. Now look at #Rory."

+ @RichardLafette: "Another major for Rory. Two in a row. Composure and guile. Tiger spits on the ground. Jack tastefully claps. "

+ @Taggart7: "Count your lucky stars, Golf."

+ @johnclayiv: "Wow. Leave it to Phil to come so close to an incredible eagle on 18."

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