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Car accidents involving deer increasing


Channel 4 News has learned that there have been at least eight crashes involving deer in Davidson County in the past week.

This is not prime season for hitting deer. That time usually comes in mating season in the fall.

John Adair drives through Warner Parks every day on his way to work just after sunrise.

"They're real quiet. You've got to watch out for the deer," Adair said.

Adair smashed into a deer last Friday next to the Warner Parks golf course, causing $3,500 in damage to his truck.

"I was going to work about 5:30 right here. I see a deer just dart, nothing to do," Adair said. "I jammed on the brakes, got on the horn. It did a lot of damage to my truck."

Adair said he sees deer about four out of every six days he works.

Channel 4 News called local body shops and discovered at least eight car accidents involving deer in the last seven days, and there are likely more.

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency reports there are 900,000 deer in Tennessee. If an area gets too populated, they will permit a short bow hunting season to help thin the herd. That will not happen at Warner Parks.

"With no hunting, they are just going to keep multiplying," Adair said. "Someone is going to get hurt or killed."

A few years ago, 8-year-old Emmy Webb was killed at the intersection of Highway 100 and Old Hickory when a deer came through the front windshield of the car in which she was traveling.

The average repair cost for a car accident involving deer is more than $3,000.

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