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Students, commuters to see traffic delays in Franklin for months


Hundreds of parents, students and commuters can expect changes in their normal traffic routes to last for several months.

"It's going to be a mess," said Peter Tocco, whose daughter attends Oak View Elementary. "We're, like I said, going to wake up early, watch the news, get an idea of what the traffic looks like and plan our day from there."

The Tocco family lives in Franklin, a city now tangled in detours. Local drivers will see traffic jams until crews rebuild the Goose Creek bridge over I-65.

A tanker explosion Friday destroyed the bridge at Goose Creek/Peytonsville Road. Crews demolished the overpass this weekend, closing both lanes of I-65 at Peytonsville Road on Saturday. The lanes reopened Sunday just after 2 p.m. But Peytonsville Road will remain closed as workers rebuild the bridge.

"You cannot cross the bridge," said John Schroer, the commissioner of transportation. "The bridge will be closed. The only bridge left was the new bridge, and we can't have traffic on it."

To alleviate congestion, Williamson County Schools is asking students to ride the bus. The closure of Peytonsville Road affects three bus routes.

The Toccos will wake up 30 minutes earlier just so they can drive their daughter to school down the street.

"We'll see how it goes because I know on Friday they were backed up quite a ways. It took half an hour to get there," he said.

Others like Jacob Dweh will grit their teeth and hop on the bus.

"It will be more important because less cars on the road will make traffic easier for people to get through," said Dweh, a senior at Centennial High School. His typical 15-minute ride to school turned into an hourlong commute on Friday after the tanker explosion.

But Dweh said he's taking the changes in stride.

"I'm a little bit annoyed, but I got to do what I got to do," he said.

In spite of the inconvenience, transportation officials said the detours pale in comparison to the life lost Friday. The driver of the tanker truck died when his vehicle hit a column supporting the overpass.

The victim has been identified as Bobby Bobo, 67, of Columbia. The owner of his company, Edwards Oil Company, described him as a 40-year veteran with an excellent driving record.

"We need to remember there was a horrific accident here, and somebody died and we're saddened by that," Schroer said.

For more information on alternate routes, click here.

Crews will also rebuild another bridge they had been constructing once they complete the old bridge.

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