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How to get the most bang for your buck at the KY State Fair

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – If you're headed to the Kentucky State Fair, chances are you will first crack open your wallet at the entrance gates of the Kentucky Expo Center. If so, you will spend $8 to park your vehicle on site—$8 you could have saved by parking at the Papa Johns Cardinal Stadium green lot on Friday, Saturday or Sunday instead.

"We paid for our admission and our tickets to get in and the rest took us to a total of $31," said Oldham County resident Leslie Droppelman who attended the fair Tuesday with her daughters and their grandmother.

The free shuttle is a great option for families planning to only visit the Kentucky State Fair. At a rate of $10 for adults and $6 for children and seniors, a typical family of four will spend just over $30 to shuttle into the fair. 

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For the family looking to take advantage of the newly opened Kentucky Kingdom, however, a trip to Kroger should be your first move. During the state fair, Kroger is offering exclusive ride rates.

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"You have the option of purchasing your $9.95 pay-one-price admission to Kentucky Kingdom," began Kentucky Kingdom Marketing and Communications Director John Mulcahy, "or you can buy the Carnival Midway Rides and Attractions, which is the 22 coupons for only $17."

If you opt to purchase those same ride tickets at the fair instead of Kroger, you can expect to pay up to double the cost.

"There's a $19.95 ticket that you can purchase at the gate and get those same benefits of riding all those rides," said Mulcahy of the Kentucky Kingdom ride pass.

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Twenty-two Carnival Midway rides and attractions tickets, on the other hand, would run you $25 on site—an $8 increase from what you would pay at Kroger.

After paid weekday parking, state fair and Carnival Midway and Kentucky Kingdom admission at the discounted Kroger rates, a family of four will have spent around $100. 
                    Weekday on-site parking                     $8
                    State Fair admission                           $10 (adult) x 2
                                                                             $6 (child) x 2
                    Kentucky Kingdom admission              $9.95 x 4
                    Carnival Midway (22 ride tickets)           $17

The kicker: that does not include state fair food.

"That's why we usually stick it to one time a year," said Droppelman.

"I got the deep fried Girl Scout Samoas," said University of Louisville incoming freshman Katie Gries. "These were $7. I mean, it's worth it because it's fun and you can only get them one time a year."

Bare in mind, most Carnival Midway rides run a rate of two and four tickets per rider. Planning which attractions your family wants to ride in advance will help you budget time, tickets and money.
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