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High school locker renovation leads to trip down memory lane

BARDSTOWN, KY (WAVE) – While the students were away for the summer, big renovations took place at Nelson County High School.

One of the projects was to replace the old lockers. The lockers that were removed were original to the school, which opened in 1969.

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School officials couldn't have predicted what all had collected in the cracks. Years of memories were found stored under the lockers.

"It was like this treasure trove of artifacts," said Shelly Hendricks, Nelson County High School principal. 

Word made its way to the front office receptionist Anne Stivers. "I said 'hey let's gather them up and really look at them'," said Stivers. 

The school staff discovered homecoming pictures, lunch menus, even a Bon Jovi concert ticket from 1989. 

"We started finding old pictures and sports schedules and homework assignments, love letters, you name it and we found it," said Todd Sanders, Nelson County Schools Director of Physical Support Services 

Sanders helped with the renovation. "I graduated in 1986," she said. 

The discovery instantly took him back to his old high school days at NCHS.

"I didn't find anything personally that was mine or any of my friends, but I did find a picture of one of my wife's friends," said Sanders. 

"We had one love letter in particular that was retrieved and that was a love letter from a couple that was together in high school that still live in the community and they are now married, so there were some really neat findings," said Hendricks. 

Just a handful of the items found were cleaned up and put on display, but not the love letter. 

"We chose not to put it in the time capsule because it was so personal," said Hendricks. 

By the first day of school the unexpected time capsule was up for the students to see. "I have a strong interest in history and my mom went here and my dad went here, so it's good to see things that that they use to see here," said Dean Hendricks, high school senior. 

Memories from the class of 1970 to the class of 2014 and all the years in between. 

"Times really haven't changed as much as people say they have, if you open a locker today, you would see a lot of the same things you saw yesterday," said Dean Hendricks. 

The display will stay up for at least a few more weeks in the school's main lobby. Principal Hendricks say they also plan to showcase it at a few upcoming sporting events to give the community a chance to take a trip down memory lane. 

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