Storms postpone several Louisville high school football games

Storms postpone several Louisville high school football games

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Several high school football games were postponed because of strong storms in the Louisville area Friday night.

Manual High was supposed to play at Central High, but athletic directors decided to push the game until 7:30 p.m. Saturday after several weather delays. Hoping to escape a forecast 100-degree heat index, other games were rescheduled for Saturday morning.

Friday evening started with concerns about the heat, with Central High Athletic Director Marlon Miller delaying the game with Manual after getting a heat index reading of 103 degrees.

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“We were first fighting the heat index, now we're fighting lightning,” Miller said. “We won't put the kids in any danger.”

Other rescheduled games include Ballard and St. X, which will play at 11 a.m., while Eastern and Jeffersontown will start at 10 a.m.

Fans, cheerleaders and coaches were frustrated by the weather delays on the first night of the prep football season.

“Being a senior, I really like to cheer games, so this being the first one, it's really disappointing,” Manual cheerleader Alex Revor said while gathered with other cheerleaders in a tunnel under the bleachers. “We're all trying to stay positive.”

Manual and Central athletic directors huddled up while coaches told them they wanted to play Friday, even while rain soaked the field.

Parents of football players said they were concerned about playing Saturday.

“They're talking about heat advisory for Saturday and Sunday, so that's our concern now,” said Carla Cosby, whose son plays for Manual. “I'd rather have them play at night than in serious heat.”

By law, athletic directors must wait 30 minutes after each lightning strike before sending players onto the field. State guidelines also require them to wait if the heat index reaches 100 degrees or more.

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