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St. Louis Co. officer on leave after controversial speech

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Officer Dan Page lashed out at the Supreme Court and questioned the president's citizenship during his speech. (Source: The New Survivalist/CNN) Officer Dan Page lashed out at the Supreme Court and questioned the president's citizenship during his speech. (Source: The New Survivalist/CNN)

(The New Survivalist/CNN) - A St. Louis County police officer involved with maintaining security in Ferguson, MO, has been put on administrative leave.

Officer Dan Page was seen in video earlier this week pushing back CNN's Don Lemon during protests in Ferguson over the police shooting of Michael Brown.

But Page's suspension is over a video of him a few months ago, giving a speech filled with harsh statements against Muslims, affirmative action, and women, among other issues.

A St. Louis county police officer on-camera making controversial comments about women, gays, and among others, President Barack Obama.

“Now this here is Kenya. I had my own airplane I had me a leer jet. I said, 'I'm gonna fly to where that illegal alien's claiming to be my president, my undocumented president lives at.' So I flew to Africa and right there and I went to our undocumented president's home. He was born in Kenya,” Page said.

Seemingly nothing out of bounds for page during a speech at an Oath Keepers meeting believed to be recorded earlier this year.

“Did anybody read the USA Today? Now this little homosexual sodomite here. Incidentally there are four sodomites on the Supreme Court. Has anybody read this? Former Justice Stevens wants to change the Constitution and he lists six things in here that have to go number 1, the Second Amendment. Why would he pick that one up? He's an idiot...In the military right now you have open sodomy. People holding hands swapping spit together. Sick. It's pitiful. You got women trying to be…by the way and I resent this…we had our first female Green Beret…first they had to redo the qualifications. We had our first Marine infantry officer come out, first they had to redo the qualifications…what's wrong here. We have our first female ranger. What happened here? Something's wrong. This here is the foundation for this you can't separate them.. I don't understand what these black perverts don't understand down there, but they need me to talk to them. I'll square em away for you... it'll take me about a minute.. yeah,” he said.

Page, a 35-year veteran of the force, has been put on administrative leave for his wide ranging and inflammatory comments.

“Do you know how the Muslims take care of you? They cut your head off. Obama is allowing hundreds of thousands of them to come in every week,” Page said.

Oath Keepers calls itself a non-partisan group of police, military and first responders.

Founded by a Yale law grad in 2009, they say they are defenders of the Constitution.

In a statement, the group said:

"Dan Page is not a member of Oath Keepers of St. Louis/St. Charles. He was our guest speaker on one occasion.”

“I personally believe that Jesus Christ is my lord and savior, but I'm also a killer. I've killed a lot, and if I need to, I'll kill a whole bunch more. If you don't want to get killed don't show up in front of me. It's that simple,” Page said.

St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar has apologized for Page's remarks, telling CNN the comments do " not represent the rank-and-file of the St. Louis County Police Department."

CNN placed several phone calls on Friday to what's believed to be Page's home number seeking comment on the video and disciplinary action against him, but never got a response.

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