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WAVE 3 News Guest Editorial - August 26, 2014: Depression

By Allan Josephson, M.D.
CEO Bingham Clinic

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Depression touches many families, as it is the most common mental disorder.

In its most severe forms, depression runs in families like other biological illnesses. This is likely why medications help the most difficult symptoms of depression. Diseases of the brain, like Parkinson's disease, and even heart disease are associated with depression.

Depression is also brought on by the stresses of life: family problems, job misfortunes - the things that happen to all of us. Not all people under stress succumb to depression. Some are vulnerable and some are resilient.

Children develop resilience from being raised in a trusting environment, being taught effective limits and to respect the rights of others, feeling good about themselves through their achievements, and by gradually gaining independence through the demonstration of competence.

Adults need to develop and sustain healthy, non-conflicted relationships. Such relationships buffer or protect one from depression. You can handle lots of things when you are not alone. Talking therapies often help for the more psychological based aspects of depression.

While professional help for depression is available in Louisville through many fine clinicians, hope is not just a clinical issue. Developing and nurturing a world view or spiritual perspective which gives ultimate meaning and purpose to everyday challenges can be one of the strongest protectors of all.

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