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Victim's family shocked after clean slate honored for repeat DUI driver

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William Redmon (Source: Meade County Detention Center) William Redmon (Source: Meade County Detention Center)
Jannel Eldridge (Source: Family photo, WAVE 3 Archives) Jannel Eldridge (Source: Family photo, WAVE 3 Archives)
Christina Phillips (Source: Cedra Mayfield, WAVE 3 News) Christina Phillips (Source: Cedra Mayfield, WAVE 3 News)
LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A Meade County man who spent nearly seven years in prison after a deadly drunken driving crash has pleaded guilty following another driving under the influence arrest.

It was not the first time William Redmon, 47, of Brandenburg, had been caught drinking and driving. Almost ten years ago, Redmon's decision to get behind the wheel drunk cost a Bullitt County woman her life. While you may have thought another DUI would mean years in prison for Redmon, that turned out not to be the case. Now the family of Redmon's victim, Jannel Eldridge, publicly demanded change.

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"This is my sister, Jannel," began Christina Phillips while holding a family portrait. "We're not going to let her ever be forgotten."

It's been about 10 years since she had to bid Eldridge a final goodbye. Eldridge died following a car wreck with Redmon, who police said had been driving under the influence at the time in Brandenburg.

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"He was ordered to serve six months, six-and-a-half years on probation," said Phillips.

According to Phillips, after just six months behind bars Redmon violated his probation.

"He was found drunk driving," said Phillips.

Redmon then served the remainder of his six-and-a-half year sentence in prison. While word of Redmon's latest DUI arrest last December came as little surprise to Phillips, she said the plea he recently accepted in the 2013 case came as a total shock.

"He pled guilty yesterday to an open container of alcohol in his car and driving while under the influence," began Phillips. "He was ordered to serve fifteen days in jail, which he will report Friday at 6 p.m. for, 120 days suspended license, court fines and two years probation because he was in prison, he hasn't had a DUI in over five years, so his slate is clean and he's being charged as a first offender."

Phillips wants to see that law rewritten so that a convicted drunk driver's record can only be cleared after five years with no new charges while free on the streets.

"My sister's death is not going to be for nothing," said Phillips who had resolved to turn her family's tragedy into a personal mission in hopes of keeping more drunk drivers off the streets and more families intact.

Phillips said she had also working with Mothers Against Drunk Driving to mandate convicted drunk drivers be required to take breathalyzers interlocked with his or her vehicle's ignitions before being able to drive through legislation known as Alisa's Law.

To learn more about Mothers Against Drunk Driving, click here.

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