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Lindale superintendent to allow students to wear 'Uniquely Dry' shirts

Lindale Superintendent said 'Uniquely Dry' shirts do not violate school dress code. Lindale Superintendent said 'Uniquely Dry' shirts do not violate school dress code.
LINDALE, TX (KLTV) - Lindale ISD Superintendent says he will allow shirts, with the words "Keep Lindale Uniquely Dry" printed on them, to be worn at school. The group Keep Lindale Uniquely Dry purchased shirts from the school and customized them with their message, but opponents say students should not be involved.

"It's not a school election, but a community election, and the school district has no official stance on this election," Superintendent Stan Surratt said.

Surratt said the 'Blue-Out' campaign has been around for nine years, and does not see an issue with people customizing their shirts after purchasing them.

"Of course people have their freedom to decorate or put messages on their T-shirts or any shirts they purchase," Surratt said.

Surratt said that the 'Uniquely Dry' group purchased several hundred t-shirts from the school, and it paid the same price that everyone else pays. Surratt added that the shirts are permitted because they do not violate the school's dress code policy.

"Those shirts meet the guidelines to wear on school by students, faculty, guests," Surratt said. "Those t-shirts are not objectionable or vulgar in any way."

Lindale resident Nancy Smith says she does find the shirts objectionable, and that they should not be allowed at school.

"I feel that they shouldn't have that message on them," Smith said. "Lindale 'Blue-Out' I understand, is strictly a school thing, and I really believe the school shouldn't be involved."

Smith said if the 'Uniquely Dry' shirts are allowed, that could invite other messages to be printed.

"I do believe that they could go with support cigarettes or same-sex marriage; all kinds of things that they could put on them that obviously our kids shouldn't be wearing," Smith said.

Lindale Athletic Director Mike Meador would not comment on the 'Uniquely Dry' shirts, but said the 'Blue-Out' campaign is about getting the community to embrace the school's athletic program.

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