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Midday temperature readings dictate HS athletics

(Source: Todd Hoyer, WAVE 3 News) (Source: Todd Hoyer, WAVE 3 News)
David Burns (Source: Todd Hoyer, WAVE 3 News) David Burns (Source: Todd Hoyer, WAVE 3 News)
Chad Gilbert (Source: Todd Hoyer, WAVE 3 News) Chad Gilbert (Source: Todd Hoyer, WAVE 3 News)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Student athletes all across Kentuckiana have been tackling extreme heat after a string of hot days with temperatures soaring into the 90s. Last week, after thunderstorms halted Friday night games excessive heat forced officials to call off some Saturday make-up football games. Turns out, that has been happening more often than you may realize.

"Sometimes this week, some of them haven't been able to practice at all," said David Burns, the athletic director at Southern High School.

On Thursday, Burns helped call off soccer matches scheduled at Southern following excessive heat.

"We don't want them not to play," said Burns. "We want them in the safest environment."

The decision to call off the matches came after the school's trainer took temperature readings at the center of the field.

"You can't go hide under a shade tree," said Burns. "You take it in the mid-point of where you're supposed to be."

The Trojans had been set to take on Charlestown. Chad Gilbert, the Pirates athletic director, supported the decision to cancel.

"Same thing on practices," began Gilbert, "we do the same thing on that. If it's too hot, we've got to bring them in. Sometimes they come in the gym and do their stuff through the air conditioning."

With fall sports operating on shorter schedules than their winter counterparts, rescheduling can become challenging.

"So much of the fall schedule is so compact," said Gilbert.

Burns said schedules, however, will not be impacted by missed games.

"Everybody has a chance to go to post season in district play in every sport," began Burns. "You'd advance from there, but the next round of a tournament can't start until you finish a previous one."

Until things cool down, players and coaches alike will continue following Mother Nature's playbook.

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