#Facebookdown: How did you survive?

#Facebookdown: How did you survive?

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - So you know that free social media site that we all like to complain about even though we're under absolutely zero obligation to use?

Well, it went down for a spell on Wednesday afternoon -- 18 minutes to be (almost) exact -- and let's just say the Twitter chatter about #Facebookdown was slightly entertaining. Here's a sample:

+ @BabySideburns: Facebook is down right now. And in related news, moms who like to brag are bored out of their minds.

+ @Reds: We've had those days too, buddy.

+ @conuary: all the Farmville players had to walk outside, maybe they saw some real animals

+ @TheBrianMo: day 3. Holed up with canned goods and @SUBWAY. Streets filled with dazed people carrying pictures, begging you to like them.

+ @JarrettBellini: But who is going to crush the candy? WHO IS GOING TO CRUSH THE CANDY?

+ @Simoneale1973: Looked up from my phone, to find a female type person sitting next to me, she's actually quite nice! #wife

+ @RossJNicholson: For those of you suffering from 'Like' withdrawal symptoms, be brave

+ @elconndorpasa: This is your moment, Google+!

+ @JoshtheSandwich: Journal Entry 003: It's been minutes since Facebook went down and hope seems bleak. I have foraged nuts and berries to survive


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