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Executive mansion chef gives different account of McDonnells' marriage


For the first time since the start of the McDonnell's historic trial, the Mansion chef who started the investigation, is speaking out. 

Todd Schneider says he doesn't second guess helping authorities. And he says the McDonnells were very much in love, and not leading separate lives.

He said the McDonnells faced no relationship troubles, a very different story from what the defense said. The Chef didn't testify, but he's giving a new perspective into the McDonnell's world.

It's a story never heard in court, now quoted on the pages of the Washington Post. Former Executive Mansion Chef Todd Schneider, says the McDonnells were deeply in love.

"They kept tabs on each other... They were a married couple."

Not living separate lives. Schneider remembers back in the Mansion in the fall of 2011, a few months after Bob McDonnell writes on his Blackberry to his wife: "I am so spiritually and mentally exhausted from being yelled at."
Schneider says he and the first lady were drinking wine at the mansion one evening, goofing off, when the then-governor called -- cheerfully asking "Where's my wife?"
Now that we're waiting for a verdict, Schneider talks about giving police the tip about McDonnell's relationship with Williams: "Do I feel badly about it? Yes. But, I had to save myself, just like the governor is doing now."

And the chef is nowhere near here - he's in Fort Lauderdale trying to start a new life, after a whole lot of bad press.

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