Polar bear arrested at climate rally

NEW YORK (WAVE) - OK, OK, so it wasn't a real polar bear, but it was a real photo that nearly blew up the Internet on Monday night.

Twitter user @jordanmammo, who describes himself as a New York-based writer, posted the photo he took during Flood Wall Street, a daylong climate rally in Lower Manhattan.

Thousands filled the streets and shut down a 10-block stretch of lower Broadway for the protest. In the end, 102 people were arrested, according to Gothamist.com.

The identity of the person inside the polar-bear costume wasn't known, but @jordanmammo's photo, which was posted at about 7:20 p.m. Monday, had been retweeted 2,662 times by 10:45 a.m. Tuesday, and favorited about 1,400 times.

Online coverage from New York media outlets indicated police officers were hardly as heavy-handed during the largely peaceful protest as they may have been during Occupy Wall Street several years ago.

"Protesters smiling, chatting with, and in some cases drawing laughs from police," @jordanmammo tweeted.

In big, bold letters, the Flood Wall Street website urges citizens to "Stop Capitalism" and "End The Climate Crisis."

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