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VIDEO: New Budweiser ad has an important message ... and an adorable dog!

(Source: Budweiser Youtube Channel) (Source: Budweiser Youtube Channel)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - If the point of television advertising is to elicit an emotional response from its viewers, then Budweiser -- yes, Budweiser -- should expect a CLIO nomination next year.

The beer giant's latest offering is making the rounds online Tuesday, and with good reason.

"Friends Are Waiting" shows a man named Luke and his best friend, an affectionate yellow lab named Cooper. The two grow close over the years, so when Luke heads out one night with friends and leaves Cooper behind, pictures of the precious pooch alone in the house take the minute-long spot in a surprising direction.

But just like any good Hollywood movie, a twist at the end has you reaching for the Kleenex, and just might even make you think twice about drinking and driving, which is the real aim of the ad.

Watch the video below or tap here to view on your mobile device.

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