Homeowners upset about flood insurance flood city hall

Homeowners upset about flood insurance flood city hall

BULLITT COUNTY, KY (WAVE) - Fearful they are about to be forced to buy flood insurance a crowd of upset homeowners voiced their opinions at Shepherdsville City Hall Wednesday night.

They streamed in by the dozens after hearing the federal government, namely FEMA, may soon force them to buy flood insurance in certain parts of Shepherdsville and Bullitt County.

FEMA could soon rule some areas are in the flood zone costing hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars a year in higher premiums.

City leaders said they are working on a plan to create some detention basins in hopes of avoiding the flood plain designation, but locals don't have much faith.

One business owner said the flood plain designation would cause her to move.

Residents were told they could be grandfathered in and buy flood insurance now for a cheaper rate. Or if they are determined to be in the flood plain by FEMA at the beginning of 2015 they will have to pay a lot more, but they hope some plan can be devised that will avoid the extra insurance altogether.

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