David Hittle: Candidate for JCPS School Board - District 5

David Hittle: Candidate for JCPS School Board - District 5

Born and raised in Louisville, David A. W. Hittle lived in a home on Pierce Way, attended Medora Elementary, Stuart Middle, and graduated from Valley High School with honors. David began his college career at Jefferson Community College, where he obtained an Associate's Degree in Arts. David ultimately graduated from the University of Louisville with a Bachelor's in Political Science.

David has worked for his grand father for well over ten years as a consultant. David has also worked for various political campaigns including: KY House, KY District Court, U.S. House and U.S. Presidential campaigns.

1. What is the biggest issue facing JCPS? Is it a district trending in the right direction, wrong direction, or stagnant?

I believe the biggest issue facing JCPS is a financial crisis. While the economy slowly gets back to where it was prior to the recession, and inflation ever-increasing, JCPS has continued to increase taxes. While the JCPS spends over $13,000 per child to education public school students, private schools are charging much less and are providing a better education. The JCPS is trending in the wrong direction with the tax and spend methods that have plagued Jefferson County for 10+ years.

2. How are you best qualified to make decisions for district with more than 100,000 students?

I believe one of the best qualifications is common sense. For 10+ years JCPS has increased taxes and increased the costs of education. I have been a businessman, my parents own their home and pay the increasing property taxes. I work for a living, and get hit with the "Jeff. Co. Res. Tax." I believe my best qualification is that I will not increase taxes on the people of Jefferson County.

3. What is your position on state Auditor Adam Edelen's recent assertion that JCPS is a top-heavy district with too many highly-paid administrators? What, if anything, would you do to address this?

I would agree, and I believe that the Superintendent has decreased the number of those administrators. However, while some have been let go others are being hired. It does no good to fire some just to hire others. We need to focus our attention on the ones who actually teach and decrease the number of administrators who do not teach the students of Jefferson County. If elected I will continue to press the superintendent and the board to both fire administrators and stop the hiring of new ones.

4. What is your position on Edelen's assertion that the school board didn't properly understand the district's budget before voting on it? What, if anything, would you do to address this?

I believe I have witnessed this misunderstanding. When a board member placed on the screen and slide that showed that if teacher salaries didn't increase and taxes did not increase, after about 5 years the school board would have a surplus of more than $30 million. I believe there maybe some misunderstanding of the budgets, however, the problem is the ever-increasing budgets. If elected I will make sure to take a closer look at the budgets, and will make sure to never vote for taxes to increase.

5. The school board recently voted to approve a budget that held property taxes flat. Do you support that decision, or would you have voted to decrease or increase property taxes? Depending on your decision, what would you propose to cut, or what would you propose to spend the addition money on?

I agreed with the board's decision to not increase taxes. I would have liked to see a decrease in taxes. However, I believe with the State requiring annual increases in teacher's pay the board must find a way to pay for those pay increases, while keeping budgets down. The second part of that is not happening, and neither really is the first. In order to pay for teacher's salaries the board has increased taxes. The board needs to keep taxes low and find a way to keep budgets low as well.