Frequently Asked Questions

What is VAX-D?
VAX-D is a non-surgical treatment for low back conditions.  VAX-D achieves  its effectiveness through decompression and re-hydration of the spinal discs, creating a vacuum like effect in the disc, drawing the disc back into place.

What will VAX-D cost me?
Because VAX-D is FDA approved, most medical insurance companies cover it.  Cost will depend on your individual insurance coverage.  During your initial consultation, a representative will check your insurance benefits for you.

Is 1st Choice Medical Center in my insurance network?
1st Choice Medical Center and its Ohio Valley Medical Center affiliates are in network with most major insurance carriers.  Typically when patients seek medical attention within their insurance networks, their out-of-pocket expenditures are reduced.

How do I know if VAX-D is right for me?
Simply schedule a consult with 1st Choice Medical Center.  A pracitioner will evaluate your condition to determine if VAX-D can help relieve your pain.

How many sessions does it require for VAX-D to be effective?
In most cases, it is recommended for the patient to receive between 20 and 30 VAX-D sessions.  Each patient will continue to receive evaluations by a medical practitioner through out the treatment course, in order to receive the highest quality of care.

How effective is VAX-D?
Various medical studies have shown VAX-D to be 70 to 80% effective.

Will I be able to continue working during my VAX-D treatments?
Patients are encouraged to continue with work during VAX-D treatments, however the medical practitioner may request that you minimize any heavy lifting or other activities that aggravate your condition.  Through out your VAX-D treatments, a medical practitioner will evaluate your condition and will advise you when it is acceptable to return to normal activities.