Important notice about weather-related closings

Important notice about weather-related closings


A note about WAVE 3 Weather Closings:

As you may imagine, we were swamped with hundreds of registration requests during last week's winter storm, particularly from churches.

We know you expect the personal attention we give to every organization that looks to us to communicate information to employees, students, customers and parishioners.

We did the best we could to stay caught up but want to apologize if you have not heard back from us yet. We're still working on a long list of requests. Information about how to register your institution for closings can be found below.

Thank you for your patience!

The WAVE 3 Closings Desk

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Colder temperatures bring thoughts of weather-related closings and delays.

WAVE 3 News has a huge database of registered schools, businesses and churches. It is so large that we will not be sending out individual letters about the passcodes of current registrants.

ID codes and passcodes do not change from year to year unless a registrant requests it.

Because we often receive hundreds of closings and cancellations during a weather event, we are unable to broadcast all of them on TV. Schools, colleges, large businesses with more than 250 employees and government entities will appear on TV. Churches, smaller businesses, daycare centers and other organizations will appear online and may appear on TV depending on the situation.

Click here to add your organization to our database.

Click here to close your organization for any reason. (ID code and password required.)

Click here to view our list of closings and delays when treacherous weather strikes.

Click here to register for text alerts when a school, business or church closes.

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