IF YOU GO: A UofL fan's road trip guide to Boston

IF YOU GO: A UofL fan's road trip guide to Boston

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - At one point in Boston's history, locals used to apologize for their lack of culinary prowess. Today, however, that has all changed.

The Boston restaurant scene has been exploding since a revamp in the 1980s. If you go venturing up north for the Louisville football game against Boston College this weekend, here are some restaurants we recommend:

The Publick House (1648 Beacon St – Boston, MA 02445)
+ 8-minute drive from stadium
+ Pub sort of place with above-average pub food
+ Famous for their macaroni & cheese and beer selections
+ You can add a variety of ingredients to the mac and cheese like pepperoni, lobster, cherry peppers, scallops, etc.
+ The beer list skews Belgian, but there are still plenty of IPAs, domestics and even local beers (Trillium)
+ http://www.thepublickhousebeerbar.com

Pino's Pizza (1920 Beacon St – Boston, MA 02135)
+ 5-minute drive from stadium
+ Gigantically thin pizza available by the slice or the whole pie if you have time to hang out
+ One Yelper took his review to the next level by stating, "When I'm on my deathbed I want a #1 from Pino's before I go."
+ Recommendations: Buffalo Chicken Pizza, Sicilian Style Pizza, Prosciutto Sub or just their cheese and pepperoni pizza
+ Great prices, tasty food, clean and fun atmosphere
+ Warning from another Yelper: "If you order, I guarantee they will screw up your name. Just roll with it, because they are usually pretty accurate with what your alias ordered."
+ http://www.pinospizza.com

El Pelon Taqueria (2197 Commonwealth Ave – Boston, MA 02135)
+ 4-minute drive or 15-minute walk from stadium
+ I know what you're thinking – Mexican food in Boston? You know I only recommend the best.
+ It's a small place that's basically on campus so if you're looking for something to grub on before or after the game this is your place.
+ Recommendations: Fish tacos, Pork enchiladas, Chicken tacos, Fried plantains, Carnitas burrito
+ http://www.elpelon.com


The bar scene around Boston College is surprisingly not bustling. In order to get your drink fix you might want to venture into downtown Boston about 20 minutes away, and really why wouldn't you want to? There are plenty of bars to mill around in in downtown Boston; here are a few that we enjoy the Internet recommends.

The Original Cheers Bar (84 Beacon St – Boston, MA 02108)
+ Yes – this is the most touristy bar you could possibly go to in Boston, but don't let that deter you. While you may not know everyone's name, it's still a great place to eat and/or grab a drink.
+ Large selection of beer and mixed drinks
+ Above-average pub food, including the Rueben sandwich, Fish tacos and Chicken Panini.
+ One Yelper says, "If you think you're too cool for Cheers, you're probably wrong, and you're going to miss out. Embrace your inner tourist!"
+ The gift shop inside sells shirts, mugs, key chains, etc.
+ http://www.cheersboston.com/main_locations_beaconhill.html

The Pour House (907 Boylston St – Boston, MA 02115)
+ Cheap beer & cheap food – the words that litter the Pour House Yelp page
+ While the name (clever) suggests it's a bar, they actually have wonderful food selections as well
+ Recommendations include Chicken nachos, Onion rings, Burger sliders and Wings
+ Large selection of bottled beer and taps
+ Sam Adams is on tap! Can you believe it?
+ If you're feeling fancy, go for a BeerTini; lift those pinkies up and enjoy a tap beer in a martini glass
+ Yelpers agree that the Pour House brunch is the best in Boston: "Prices this low at a brunch are virtually unheard of within Boston. You owe it to yourself to stumble here while hung over and order yourself a Creamsicle and a Super Homefries."
+ BTW, a Creamsicle is a drink consisting of orange vodka, OJ and vanilla ice cream blended to perfection. And a Homefries is a grilled combination of house-made fries, bacon, sausage, and cheddar cheese covered with three eggs and toast.
+ http://www.pourhouseboston.com/

Crossroads Irish Pub (495 Beacon St – Boston, MA 02215)
+ Cheap beer, friendly atmosphere, darts and skeeball
+ The bar is separated into two floors
+ On the lower level, you will find an eclectic mix of people ranging in age, while the upper level provides more of a college atmosphere
+ Friendly staffers are more than willing to explain the menu to you or make a recommendation
+ Lots of beers on tap, including some relatively obscure ones for the hipsters
+ http://www.crossroads-irishpub.com

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