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Last Call: Tumbleweed at Waterfront throws one final party before closing for good

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Tumbleweed was packed Saturday night. There was live music, and cheap specials. But while it may have looked more like a grand opening, it was actually a farewell.

Tumbleweed at the Waterfront closed its doors Saturday night with a party. Its theme was Hasta la Vista.

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"We are going to enjoy it for the night and send it off the right way," CEO Matt Higgins told WAVE 3 News.

The night included a candy bar, a Chile con queso fountain and break dancers.

Emily Beckman used to visit Tumbleweed all the time while she went to the University of Louisville. She now lives in Nashville, but didn't want to miss this.

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"My friend Natalie told me they were closing down and I was like, 'No," Beckman said. "She told me they were having a party, so I was like, 'Well, I'm totally coming.'"

The decision to close this location was announced late last month after a settlement between the restaurant and its landlords, the Waterfront Development Corporation and Waterweed, LLC.

"It's been a great place for us, for the community, just not so much a great business transaction," Higgins said.

The dispute was over the restaurant's rent payment. The landlord says Tumbleweed hadn't paid $57,000.

Tumbleweed says it overpaid by $270,000. That legal fight is still up in the air.

Closing night was packed.

Employees were offered transfers to other local Tumbleweeds. Some of them were in good spirits; for others the night was bittersweet.

"I'm going to miss this place so much," one employee said. "It's going to be so hard not coming to tears."

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