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RV show rolls in town as gas prices reach four-year low

(Source: JeepersMedia/flickr) (Source: JeepersMedia/flickr)
LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The average price of a gallon of gas in Kentucky was $3.25 a year ago. 

Today? It's down more than $.50, and it would be hard to find anybody complaining, especially over at the RV show at the Kentucky Expo Center.

[RESOURCE: Cheap gas in Louisville]

The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association's 52nd National RV Trade Show has turned into quite a tradition for those in the business. The RV industry has seen its share of ups and downs and for now they are glad to be back rolling.

"It couldn't be better, business is really, really good," said Richard Coon, RVIA president and CEO.

Inside the Kentucky Exposition Center is a playground for the world's largest recreation vehicle trade show. Industry leaders say after hitting an ultimate low in 2008 during the recession, they are glad to be back.

"We're back up to pre-recession levels with sales and production, so it has been a nice upward ride," said Jayco president and CEO Derald Bontrager.

Outside drivers also have been enjoying the ride as gas prices across the country are at a four-year low. The American Automobile Association reports the national average is $2.75 with Kentucky sitting slightly lower.

"Of course having them lower obviously puts them in a better mind frame for the consumer, and they feel like they can afford one and go forward," Coon said.

Added Bontrager: "(These) gas prices certainly don't hurt our business; they help."

Bontrager is the CEO of Jayco, a company his father started in northern Indiana. He says he's glad to see his industry thrive again. A better economy means more people are apt to have a little fun.

"If they're putting $50-$75 a month less in their gas tank, it's that many more dollars to be spent on other things, and we hope it is on an RV," he said.

A reported 9 million American households own an RV, the highest ever recorded. From a basic pop-up trailer to a more than $500,000 luxury motorcade, Bontrager said there really is something for everyone.

"A lot of neat, innovative products are coming out as the industry is rebounding and there is some really cool stuff out there to buy," Bontrager said.

The RV show has been held in Louisville every year.

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