What can you expect from WAVE 3 News Sunrise?

What can you expect from WAVE 3 News Sunrise?

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - At WAVE 3 News, you hear us say Expect More Right Now often. That is the approach for everything we do at WAVE 3 News. It is especially true in the mornings.

With WAVE 3 News Sunrise, we are committed to being the first to provide you with urgent information in every way possible. That means WAVE 3 News is your No. 1 choice for breaking news on TV, WAVE3.com, the WAVE 3 News and Weather Apps and on our social media pages. (Facebook | Twitter)

WAVE 3 News Sunrise specializes in providing new information each day ... the breaking news you haven't already heard. We also give you Louisville's most accurate weather to plan your day, along with on-time traffic so you can avoid any commuting problems.

In other words, this is a newscast full of stories happening right now that have a real impact on you. That is what we mean when we say you can Expect More Right now with WAVE 3 News Sunrise from 4:30-7 a.m.

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