Petrino gray shirts recruit two days before signing day

Petrino gray shirts recruit two days before signing day

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – On Wednesday football recruits all around the country can begin making their college choices official. But the last few hours before National Signing Day can be full of surprises for both colleges, and the players.

The University of Louisville is expected to land a Top 25 recruiting class, even after a surprise development for one recruit.

South Carolina's Mr. Football was gray shirted. That means his scholarship was not pulled, but he wouldn't be able to sign with the team until next January.

That top South Carolina player, Matt Colburn, said thanks, but no thanks. He's not the only player around the country who will be faced with that choice.

Colburn was all ready to sign with Louisville. He tweeted a picture with head football coach, Bobby Petrino Jan. 18, 2015.

But Monday, Colburn's high school football coach got a call from UofL. They explained Colburn would be given the option to sign with the team, next year.

"The offer is still on the table and what happens is they just want to push back the enrollment by, by a semester," Jody Demling, of, said.

Colburn had committed to UofL eight months ago, according to our sister station in South Carolina, and had closed down his recruiting.

Demling said this has happened at other schools. He counted five since yesterday including Alabama.

"An hour and a half yesterday of Louisville asking Colburn to take a gray shirt offer, West Virginia pulled a scholarship offer, they didn't ask the kid to gray shirt," Demling said.

Colburn's High School Coach Tom Knotts said he's "very upset" with Petrino. He's now banned him and his assistants from visiting the high school again.

Demling said he feels for Colburn, but said players sometimes change their minds last minute too.

"Unfortunately it's one of those things in the recruiting game that does happen, not a fun thing. It's not fun for the coaches, not fun for the kids, it's not fun for anybody," he said.

Colburn's high school coach said he now has at least a dozen scholarship offers including one from Wake Forest.

The University of Louisville could not respond to the story because of NCAA rules against talking publicly about any unsigned recruit.

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