An inside look of a Frankfort Avenue mainstay

An inside look of a Frankfort Avenue mainstay

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It is no secret Louisville is known for having some of the best food around and 502 Restaurant Week is designed to show off the best eateries in town.

One of the establishments featured in this year's event is a Crescent Hill favorite, Porcini.

If you haven't been to Porcini, they kind of wonder why not?

"Mainstay on Frankfort Avenue. We used to be the new kids on the block but now we have a lot of longevity behind us," said Porcini's Executive Chef John Plymale.

For 23 years, its distinctive style has been welcoming in Louisville diners.

"The ambiance of the restaurant itself is second to none. I mean, you can see all the Tuscan, Italian influences in our restaurant," said Plymale.

But what Plymale hopes you come back for is the food.

"People might consider us Northern Italian in our fare, but we run the whole gambit of Italy of what we do," he said.

It's a combination of the new, creative and the old favorites.

Plymale said, "I think three items that have been on our menu since day one."

One of those is the veal rib chop.

Plymale grew up in Louisville and graduated from Atherton High School. After culinary school in the Northeast, he returned home where he's been cooking his whole career.

"I love Kentucky. It was always my idea that I wanted to return to Kentucky. I had a lot of different job offers across the United States but my heart truly lies in Kentucky," he said.

And now he's proud of how his hometown has grown and the passion people here have for food.

"It's a culinary mecca. We're really fortunate that we have a great restaurant scene. The environment is really conducive to a lot of restaurants," he said. "A lot of cities couldn't support the amount of restaurants that we have."

Porcini's recently expanded their services to include catering. For more information, click here.

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