Is drinking at tailgate parties against the law?

Is drinking at tailgate parties against the law?

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Tailgating is all about getting pumped up before football games, but did you know that when you pop open a beer, you're breaking the law?

Louisville Democrat Mary Lou Marzian wants to change what she calls an outdated law which makes drinking alcohol in public places -- like tailgate parties -- illegal in Kentucky.

Marzian's bill would allow the University of Louisville and the University of Kentucky, as well as and racetracks, to get a license that would allow their patrons to drink before events. Such a license would cost $250 per year.

With or without the law, she said, most tailgaters run a low risk of getting arrested.

"In reality, I think they have much more serious things to worry about than harassing celebrants at tailgating parties, but it would be nice to be in compliance with the law," Marzian said.

UofL is reviewing the bill to see the impact it would have on alcohol sales and tailgating at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium.

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