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Thanks to home-security photo, burglary victims think they know thief

HARDIN COUNTY, KY (WAVE) – It was conspicuous by its absence when Corey Ballard and Lori King returned home Friday the 13th.

"Opened the back door and realized that the TV was gone," King said.

Their nearly-new, 65-inch flat screen.

Their home security cameras would show who carried it away, and how. In the white pickup truck shown rolling up their back driveway at 2:16 p.m., about six hours earlier.

"He walked right up - looked right at the IRIS keypad," Ballard said, drawing that conclusion based on the way the suspect cocked his head, as recorded on the camera installed above the back door of the home's lower floor.

"Looks like he used a crowbar," King said. "There's damage inside the door and the locks as well."

The camera above the kitchen cupboard showed the suspect returning for more after carting off the TV -- strolling back through the great room and entering the hall that leads to the master bedroom.

"Got into my jewelry box and got my rings," King said. "My grandmother's wedding ring-my mother's wedding ring."

Added Ballard: "Had he been able to spend more time in the house, he'd have probably got a lot more stuff."

He and King, his fiancee', own Fun For All Motorsports in Elizabethtown. The security system allows them to monitor their home while at work, tracking when their son and daughter come and go. Ensuring that their golden retriever, Busa, is OK.

"We could have seen it in real-time with only a few seconds' delay," Ballard said.

Fate gave them the next best thing -- a good enough close-up of the burglar's face that King believes she knows who he is.

"He's been to our house," she said. "I believe it's somebody that knew us. That's been there."

The couple has shared the video, and King's suspicions with state police.

No one is in custody yet. But peace of mind has replaced what had been anger, and a sense of being violated.

"I don't have to suspect our friends," Ballard said. "We've come to the realization we may never get our stuff back. We just want the guy who did it."

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