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Behind the plow: A day in the life of a snowplow driver

Paul Judd (Source: WAVE 3 News) Paul Judd (Source: WAVE 3 News)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It's no doubt snow plow drivers are in high demand right now, not only on city streets, but on private properties. It's a job that some might consider thankless, but with the large amounts of snow we've had, you just might want to thank them for their work.

Paul Judd with Worry Free Lawn Care said even thought he loves the snow, “It's fun for like the first day and after that it's old, it's boring now.”

In the winter weather he works 12 hours shifts, making his truck more like a second home.

“Living out of the truck, it's like the truck is my office. Eat out of the truck, live out of the truck, go through fast food in the truck it's just always in and out of this truck,” he said.

So what do you do for entertainment when you live in a truck?

If you're Judd you, “Listen to a lot of radio, I usually plug my phone in to like Pandora and just listen to it. A lot of times I have my girlfriend and my daughter ride with me.”

But his job isn't a joy ride.

“Now that we have the eight inches it's a whole lot harder to plow, it's a whole lot harder to push,” he said. “So, you have to keep pushing it all off to one side and just keep pushing and keep pushing and then it mounds up a lot higher so it's a lot harder to plow.”

Another obstacle is traffic, “People were driving on it and with it being so cold it packs down and packs down so you gotta keep going back and forth, back and forth as much as you can to break it up.”

Judd said he knows it's time to move to other areas once he hits his goal.

“I want to get it to where it's blacktop before I leave. And then when I see the blacktop then I can lay the salt,” he said. “Then I can go on to the next property.”

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